Think with the Head of State

Teaching / learning of basic and transversal skills

Brief description of the main purposes and contents

“Think with the Head of State” is a series of educational videos on social networking and critical thinking that will help you
understand how social networks work, better understand the work of journalists or scientists, or perceive mistakes in our
thinking. Information and media literacy is one of the new basic life skills in the 21st century.

Reasons why the project / program is considered a “good practice”

Educational videos – the initiative of the President of the State with the involvement of celebrities draws the attention of the
general public to current topics: social networks and critical thinking.

Managing authority / organisation

Zuzana Čaputová, President of the Slovak Republic

Main target group

All adults (general public)

Source of funding

Public resources (national, regional, …)

Stakeholders involved

Scientists, trainers, psychologists, journalists, actors, moderators, influencers.

Contribution of the practice in improving / promoting the social inclusion of the beneficiaries

Favouring the acquisition of critical thinking and safe behaviour skills on the Internet.

Elements of the project / program that could be easily transferred to other contexts

Cooperation of experts and celebrities in the preparation of viral videos embedding education elements.

Other potential target groups to which the project / program could be extended

Disadvantaged adults lacking of education and/or skills.

Unemployed adults.

Migrants, refugees.

Practical evaluation carried out


Participation data

Each educational video had tens of thousands of views and a large number of shares.

Description of the methods of implementation and any recommendations

A series of educational videos – education in the field of critical thinking and social media with the support of the President of
the State with the involvement of celebrities draws the attention of the general public to current topics.
The President of the Slovak Republic, Zuzana Čaputová, stated on the social network Facebook that “these videos are
intended for all active users of social networks, regardless of their opinions or political beliefs. The pitfalls of social networks
or mistakes in thinking do not concern any specific group of people, they are our common problem. Knowing more about the
environment in which discussions are most common today can be a way to make them less screaming and more

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