Brief description of the main purposes and contents

Learning Trnava is a project for the development of lifelong learning in Trnava. The initiator of the Learning Trnava project is the civic association Lifestarter, which in cooperation with a number of partners creates a lifelong learning strategy, connects educational organizations and helps create a stimulating environment for all those who are not indifferent to education and personal development.

Reasons why the project / program is considered a “good practice”

The civic association Lifestarter implements a number of activities within the Learning Trnava project, which open up
opportunities for the development and support of lifelong learning for the general public. The city of Trnava is the first Slovak
city to apply for membership in the International Network of Learning Cities (GNLC) and it can become one of 230 cities from
all over the world, which create new opportunities for formal and non-formal education for its inhabitants. The application
was filed at the end of 2021.

Managing authority / organisation

Civic association Lifestarter

Main target group

All adults (general public)

Source of funding

Public resources (national, regional, …)
Private contribution

Stakeholders involved

The civic association Lifestarter strives to connect all the organizations in the city that care about education. They cooperate
with educational organizations, companies, media partners and volunteers. The main partner in the initiative is the city of
The coordination team consists of the representatives of the following institutions: Dpt of Education, Youth and Sport of the
local Trnava government, Pedagogical Faculty of the Trnava University, Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of St Cyril
and Methodius, Center for Free Time Activities , Library of Juraj Fándly and the Harmony Academy.

Contribution of the practice in improving / promoting the social inclusion of the beneficiaries

The city’s greatest asset is its people. All the more so when they can be creative, they develop and keep learning new things.
The Learning Trnava project wants to help Trnava invest in people of all ages who live and work here. Awareness of
educational opportunities, a larger and more diverse education offer will allow more beneficiaries to participate according to
their preferences and possibilities.

Elements of the project / program that could be easily transferred to other contexts

Just as Trnava has great potential to be a learning city, other cities and communities can also become learning cities or
communities. The Learning Trnava project can be an example for others how to do this – network actors, communicate, make
a database, define common interests, identify problems, look for solutions.

Other potential target groups to which the project / program could be extended

The primary target group of the project is the general public – residents of the city of Trnava, all ages. Specifically, some events
were also aimed at groups of teachers, lecturers, HR professionals from companies, as well as students and seniors. In the
next stage, such a project may focus on working with specific groups, such as the lower educated, socially disadvantaged or

Practical evaluation carried out

This is a new project and an evaluation has not yet been made. However, in the months of October 2021 – April 2022, research
was carried out on educational initiatives in the city of Trnava, which are interested in participating in project activities in the
future. Approximately 70 qualitative interviews were conducted with the directors of the organizations in order to analyze
their goals, priorities and planned projects. Based on the research, the organizations were divided into 6 clusters – thematic
areas. In the following period, meetings of these groups will take place on a regular basis – they will try to align their goals to
solve the defined problem and thus create a collective impact within the city.

Participation data 

Reference period: May 2021 – May 2022
The following numbers can describe the activities: member of the coordination and strategic team – 12, volunteers – 20,
number of conference participants: 72, number of participants in the Learning Trnava festival in autumn 2021: approx. 500

Description of the methods of implementation and any recommendations

The city’s greatest asset is its people. All the more so when they can be creative, they develop and keep learning new things.
The Learning Trnava project wants to help Trnava invest in people of all ages who live and work here.
The aim of the project is to connect all local actors in education – from schools and universities to hobby and cultural
organizations – in order to jointly create a vision for the development of education in Trnava.
Through networking meetings, educational events, meetings of professional working groups and various promotional
activities, the project aims to increase awareness and the value of learning at all ages and to contribute to the application of
innovative approaches to education.
An important role is played by the initiator – the coordinating organization, which connects other organizations and ensures
the support of the local government and other decision-makers.
This project is easily transferable to other cities or communities. It also forms a good basis for greater outreach as it promotes
lifelong learning throughout all members in the network. It is also a prerequisite for working with specific target groups or
specific needs that are identified in the process.

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