Job search guidance

Area — Guidance

Brief description of the main purposes and contents

Guiding students in the development of job search strategies and methods also through the further development of targeted skills.

Criteria to which the identified good practice corresponds

Relevance for social inclusion processes.

Reasons why the project / program is considered a “good practice”, in light of the criteria identified above

The project is in its second year of development and the data analysis shows its effectiveness in terms of achieving the goal.

Implementing Organization / Entity


Main target group

Adult people in general

Source of funding

Public funds (national, regional …)

Which stakeholders were involved in the implementation of the project / program? How did they get involved?

VET providers

How does the practice contribute to improving / promoting the social Inclusion of beneficiaries?

Providing additional tools and useful contacts.

What elements of the project / program could be easily transferred to other contexts?

All the elements

Other potential target groups to which the project / program could be extended

It could be extended to other different target groups (e.g. unemployed young people).

Has the project / program foreseen an evaluation phase?

Yes, it has.

If so, what were the results and what actions were taken on the basis of these?

The ultimate goal is to reach the labor market. The result can be measured in quantitative and qualitative terms.

Participation data (if available, also indicate the reference period and the data relating to the number of people reached, with particular regard to those with low education / skills at risk of obsolescence)

Approximately  50 adult students / young adults in the period June-September

Description of the methods of implementation and any recommendations

The implementation will take place by directly involving local companies that could become active partners.

Project / program website or other online reference resources