Guidance space


Brief description of the main purposes and contents

The Guidance Space contains information and exploratory activities that favor career development and management.

Reasons why the project / program is considered a “good practice”

The Guidance Space is useful for all citizens who need support in managing their own career, and also for those who provide support in managing the careers of others.

Managing authority / organisation

Institute of Employment and Professional Training

Main target group

All adults (general public)

Source of funding

Public sources (national, regional,…)

Stakeholders involved 

All citizens, young people and adults up to retirement age and employers.

Contribution of the practice in improving / promoting the social inclusion of the beneficiaries

Insofar as they facilitate the decision-making process in choosing a profession and more easily access the labor market.

Elements of the project / program that could be easily transferred to other contexts

The Guidance Space and its resources can be adapted and transferred to other public and/or private entities that provide guidance/support services for citizens’ career management.

Other potential target groups to which the project / program could be extended

All citizens, young people and adults up to retirement age and employers.

Description of the methods of implementation and any recommendations

The Guidance Space offers a set of resources to support career management, namely: in employment, in the creation of a business project, in changing your professional project, in moving from one study or training cycle to another or even in planning for retirement, the use of this space can provide support in each of these career situations. The Guidance Space provides information and exploratory activities (questionnaires, exercises, reflection sheets), organized in 4 thematic pathways: Job Skills pathway that allows you to discover which skills you have more and less developed and learn how to improve relational, creative, information management, time management, decision making and learning skills; Job Contact pathway that allows you to learn more about the job market, learn how to look for a job, write resumes, answer ads and prepare for job interviews; Exploration Pathway which allows you to improve your knowledge about your personality traits, interests, values, abilities and skills, explore the multiplicity of professions that exist and discover the most suitable opportunities for you in terms of education and training, in Portugal and in Europe, employment measures and job offers; Entrepreneurship Pathway which allows you to discover and/or develop your entrepreneurial potential, learn the steps to take to create your own job and the support you can count on; Multimedia Center with resources to support professional exploration (e.g: guidance games, podcast about training, employment measures…); Events with a schedule of career-relevant events (guidance, training, and employment fairs; business, association, and academic seminars; award ceremonies…).

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